The Absolute Basics of Weight Loss!

The absolute basics of Weight Loss are the absolute fundamentals, the base, of Weight Loss that every person interested in Weight Loss should know about. I myself wish that I knew these things when I first tried to lose weight, but as an obese kid with no access to the internet it was nearly impossible for me to learn about these fundamentals. And, I did not show any interest in the topic itself aswell, yet, I knew I needed to lose weight. So what I did was just excercising more, I just took a walk now and then and hoped for weight loss. And that is still what we are told. But the real culprit is the food you are eating. Taking a walk for an hour (walking fast) burns 500 calories if you are obese. And, most obese people can’t walk for an hour fast, but let’s just assume you could. 500 calories a day is about 3,500 calories a week. To lose one kilogram, or about two pounds of weight, you’d need to lose 7,000 calories. So by adding one hour of walk per day you’d lose a half kilogram, or a pound, per week. Which is slow, right? We want to see results instantly. Most people don’t have patience. You want to lose atleast two kilograms a week! Right?

But how do you do it? Who wants to walk for four hours a day? Noone wants to do that. You’d lose your motivation 20 minutes in to the walk. Well, how about cutting down the food? Right? What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Earlier, I used to eat four slices of bread with butter, cheese and a slice of ham on each of them. Well, by just replacing that breakfast, which sums up to the tremendous number of nearly 1,000 calories, with two eggs and oatmeal porridge (don’t be fooled by the name, it is actually delicious, recipe comes sooner in this article) you have saved 700 calories. And that was just by replacing your breakfast with something just as saturating! Let’s go on to the lunch. When I was obese, I can remember eating maybe 200 grams of pasta with a sauce made of chicken, creme fraiché and mushrooms, and by taking off the pasta and replacing the high fat creme fraiché with a lower fat one and ultimately increasing the amount of chicken I could save nearly 850 calories.

What are we up to now? About 1,500 calories. And then for dinner, what did I have? I don’t even want to think about it. But I can take atleast another 700 calories from that meal aswell. So we have 2,200 calories. And for dessert I used to have a whole 100 gram chocolate bar, a total of 500 calories. During the summers, you can switch the chocolate bar with a pack of strawberries. Eat as much strawberries as you wish to eat. Per 100g strawberries, you only get about 35 calories. And 200 grams of strawberries gives just as much satisfaction and saturation as a 100 gram chocolate bar.

So now, we are up to about 2,000 calories. Well, by just cutting down the food, I’d lose two kilograms, or about four pounds, per week, doing nothing! No excercise! Oh yeah! But every person in the world should also get some excercise, so try walking for atleast 30 minutes per day, and not only will the excercise make you feel better, you’ll also boost your weight loss, not by much, but atleast enough to add up in a year to a couple of kilograms.

The main rule for weight loss it that the amount of calories you eat should be less than the amount of calories you burn per day. In the tool section, I have included a tool to calculate the amount of calories you burn per day based on your weight, height, sex and age.

The main rule for weight loss is that the amount of calories you eat should be less than the amount of calories you burn per day.

Oh, and I did promise you a great recipe for making oatmeal porridge. It isn’t hard at all. Just take 30 grams of oatmeal, or about one decilitre, or, one ounce if you wish, and mix it in with 200 centilitres or 7 fl. ounces of water and microwave it for exactly three and a half minute and you’re done. Simple, huh? Just cook two eggs with it and you have a delicious meal!