Don’t drink calories!

You have probably heard it before, but I’m going to repeat it for you. You should never drink calories. Why? They don’t make your belly fuller neither do you get a warning from your body when you have had a sip to much. A bottle of coke contains about 250 calories, where the biggest part of it comes from one of the most dangerous sorts of carbohydrates, a bottle of water has zero calories. By skipping that glass of red wine you usually drink with your dinner and replacing it with water you can save up to 200 calories.

Research has shown that people who drink atleast one sort of beverage a day, whether it be juice or soda, take in more calories a day than the people who don’t drink beverages. Why? Most beverages are sweetened with artificial sugar which makes your body want to eat or drink real sugar. So just by drinking that beverage your body has both gotten the calories from the beverage and from the extra sugar that your body goes to look for. If you are well disciplined, you can drink beverages with zero calories, but most would advise you not to. Simply because if your discipline lacks, you can take in more than 1,000 calories extra from that extra piece of cake or those handfuls of candy.

The solution? Go for water. It is what our body was designed to drink and it is what is best for your body. A hot summer day and you’re craving for an ice cold beverage? Go for iced water. It ain’t harder than that.