Eating Regularly is the Trick

That’s right. Eating regularly is the trick to weight loss, maybe not the only one for some, but for most of us it is the only trick that needs to be applied for weight loss to work. It has shown that one of the biggest culprits is eating irregularly. It is namely important to portion your food equally over the day. You should eat three big meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner - with 2-3 smaller sized snacks. Lunch and dinner doesn’t have to be hot food, it’s the portioning that is the important part here.

It’s a normal tall tale that if you skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner you will eat less during the day and therefore lose weight but it actually leads you to being so hungry you snack more often. Many times the snack consists of bad food. An even energy intake increases your effiency and makes you less tired.

The most important thing is to break your habits. Maybe you eat ten pieces of cheese before you put two on your bread, maybe you drink some extra coke before drinking it with your food – which leads you to refilling the glass that is – or maybe you are just snacking to much. The important question here is, do you eat because you are hungry or do you eat with your eyes?