How to Gain Weight without Getting Fat

How to Gain Weight without Getting Fat


If your nutrition is impaired it is quite likely that you will put brakes on gaining weight. Read on to learn more how you can gain lean weight, meaning how to gain weight without getting fat. We have written some beneficial tips for you.

You must be aware of the fact that to gain weight you need to eat, right?

I hope so or else you are going in the wrong direction.

If you are not having proper sufficient diet, it is possible that you will lose weight regardless of how good your workout is.

1. Make it Double

If you are not growing the simple way out is to increase your calorie intake. The easiest way is by eat twice as much as you are presently eating. For instance, if you have single chicken breast in your dinner, but from today, have two.

If you toast two bread slices in breakfast, make it four from now on. This is a simple calculation and you don’t have to think too much. Just multiply by two whatever you eat currently. It does not require any more work to cook twice as much as you do now.

2. Timing

We know you may have lot many things to do. But don’t keep yourself busy at the cost of having proper diet. If possible have something after every 3-4 hours. If you tend to forget your eating time, have a timer and set it to go off. Hunger pranks should not last for more than 15 minutes if you really want to gain weight. We know our body has enough fuel to keep us alive for two days without eating. But then you are digging out from your body.

3. Cardio is Must

So at last you are providing your body sufficient calories to build muscles and gain weight. But you need to be physically active to burn unwanted fat and build muscle mass. This is the second step in our approach on how to gain weight without getting fat.

Your cardio program should be in proportion. Many guys make the mistake of doing too much cardio. This prevents our body from building muscles. Properly planned cardio enhance your metabolism activity, boost your appetite, and increase your rate of recovery.

4. Never Train Hungry

Never turn up to your gym with you starving stomach. There are many people who show up for workout having eaten only some crackers and a piece of fruit within the entire day. This is the biggest harm you can do to yourself. It is like running your car with empty tank. If you make sure you have enough gas in your care before leaving home, how can you be so ruthless to your body?


Gaining muscle is not all about sweating your way out in gym; neither is it eating like a pig sitting all day in your couch. There should be a balance between the two. Make a plan for yourself that fits your best, or consult your personal trainer.


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  1. Kaip priaugti svorio

    And what about water drinking? Should people drink more water, if they want to gain weight or not? And what about eating habits? For example, it’s very hard to eat 2 chicken breasts at the same time, what to do then?