What is my Ideal Weight?

What is my ideal weight? That’s a frequently asked question among those who wish to lose weight. Why do they ask that question? To have a goal in most of the cases. You want something to work towards. But you can not depend on what your scale shows. Your body weight fluctuates with several pounds per day and you could weight two pounds more just because you are constipated but that doesn’t make you fatter.

What you should use as a goal instead is a specific waist size. That is what really matters. The fat around your belly is the most dangerous fat and that is what causes diseases such as diabetes type 2. And also, that is what will make you look thinner. I know some people who are as tall as I am, look as thin as I do, but weigh some thirty pounds more than I do and the same for people who weight up to twenty pounds less than me.

To be considered healthy, as a male, your waist size should be a maximum of 37 inches, or 95 centimetres, and as a female it should be a maximum of 32 inches, or around 80 centimetres.

Put that as a part goal, the maximum size should be your part goal and as your end goal, well, tell yourself that your main goal is when you can look at yourself and feel happy – but please, for the sake of god, an anorectic body won’t make you happy. You could also use clothing as a goal.

Go to a store and look for clothes that you have always wanted to wear but haven’t been able to, whether it is a dress shirt for a man or a dress for a woman, just do it and buy it. That will also be a money commitment, you have just put a couple of bucks on it and you don’t want those to be lost, right? My friend went to the store and bought himself ten Ralph Lauren casual shirts and some Hugo Boss shirts aswell and that went for like $2000 (you can triple the cost of something in the US to get an estimate of what it costs in Sweden) and after that he lost weight faster than you would ever expect.

So don’t use your body weight. Go for waist size.