What is Ketosis?

A lot of people get into ketosis during a weight loss phase. But what is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state that occur during fasting or low carbohydrate intake. Our brain needs energy in the form of glucose to work properly which can be found in carbohydrates. When we don’t get enought carbohydrates our body instead uses our fat storages to get it’s energy. The fat tissue is transformed into fat acids. The fat acids are transformed into ketone bodies in the liver and replace glucose as energy for the brain and the muscles. A side effect of this is the production of acetone, which can be felt in the persons breath. It is the acetone which makes most people think people in the ketosis phase have a bad breath.

To be in ketosis, your calorie intake must be between 460 – 800 calories a day (VLCD diet). There are several ways to check if you are in ketosis. The first thing is as stated above, if your breath smells like acetone. Ask somebody to smell your breath or you can lick your inside elbow and smell it after thirty minutes. You feel better during ketosis and your hunger feeling go away. If you are unsure whether or not you are in ketosis, ketosis sticks are available at local pharmacies to test yourself.

It is highly individual when you will found yourself in ketosis, but it occurs within 3-7 days if you stay on a VLCD diet. You are not recommended to be on a VLCD diet for more than three weeks. After a three weeks period your body enters a starvation mode where your metabolism stops and your weight loss stops aswell. You hit a plateau.