There Are No Magic Pills for Weight Loss

We see these TV commercials, internet spamming and telephone marketers who all tell us of how fast they lost weight with this and that product or that blue pill with unknown ingredients. Well, do they work?

No, they don’t work. I tried them when I was a fool, before going for the natural way of weight loss and none did work. The same amount of success (none, that is) was shared with my two brothers and my friends.

These pills or products they are just what I stated above, internet spamming or TV commercials. They are just that. Nothing more. On the leaflet coming with the pills they most often say to be used with a calorie deficit diet. So, you are on a 500 calorie deficit and take one pill a day or whatever you are recommended to take and you lose one pound a week. Wow! What an amazing pill that is, right? No. If you wouldn’t have taken the pill you would still have lost that one pound. But you would also have been $100 richer.

Neither do those TV shop products work such as that belt you strap around your belly to give you a flat one. It doesn’t work either. Several studies have been conducted and it has worked for no one. It doesn’t work. You can’t get a flat belly by just stimulating your muscles. At most, it just stimulates your muscles. I could just go around rubbing my chin, will I lose my excess fat there? No.

Don’t trust commercials please. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your wallet.