Muscle groups, how to split your training

Muscle groups: follow proper schedule of rest time between exercise

Human body consists of different tissues and cells. Contractive variety of tissue present in us is known as Muscle. Following are the three varieties of general muscles:



  • Cardiac muscle – It is found in heart of a human being
  • Smooth muscle - This muscle is also known as involuntary muscle and are found in blood vessels, throats and intestine
  • Skeleton muscle – Another name of it is voluntary muscle, which is utilized in gaining skeleton movement in human body.

If you want to build muscles, proper focus on skeleton muscle is required among the muscle groups. Body builders make successful attempts in adding bulk to arms and upper portion of their body. There are major seven muscle groups that help in adding mass to the upper portion of the body.

How to split training in days using muscle groups?

It is important to carry on with muscle pairing and muscle movements so that each part of individual’s body gets adequate rest. There is a particular time for breaking muscle as well as recovery time so that muscle builds up with perfect nutrition and exercise. Splitting up of training for each muscle group is really important for a healthy body building activity. You should not associate with the push and pull training program for your upper body parts in the same day. Following is the example of split training of muscle groups in several days:

  • Day 1- training involving pull of biceps and back
  • Day 2- training of calves in lower body and Quads
  • Day 3- take rest
  • Day 4 – Get training with push of triceps, chest and shoulders
  • Day 5 – Hams Focus and lower body training
  • Day 6 - carry on with some abs exercise
  • Day 7 - Rest

Your instructor will ask you to carry on with this exercise for 4- 6 weeks.

Resting schedule between exercise and muscle groups

According to the research, muscle damage must not be done for getting stimulation in size and strength. There are examples of individuals who performed exercise, which in turn resulted in muscle damage. Even the strength was compromised for various weeks. Thus, proper rest is really important in between each workout or the exercise process. Even it would not be desirable to schedule too short or too long rest period. There must be an optimal rest time allotted for each body builder carrying on with push, pull and stretching exercise.

Factors influencing ideal rest times

  • The amount of intensity using in a particular exercise
  • Focusing on the primary goal. It is the time to decide whether an individual need exercise for losing fat, building muscle or gaining strength.
  • Demand of exercise in your body

The trainers instructs the rest time between 0 to 5 minutes after every set of exercise performed by the individual. There will be one time of recommendation from the instructor about the rest time if you are a beginner. But, once you have started taking tough exercise, the recommendation will be different according to your intensity.