New start for TheWeightBlog.com

Welcome to a new and fresh start of TheWeightblog.com.

My name is Andrei Liljegren and I am the new owner of this fantastic blog.

I´ll now take my chance to send my best regards and thanks to Kevin that owned and created this blog.


So who am I?

I`am a guy from Sweden, my biggest passion is exercising in all different ways possible. I know a lot about exercising and about losing or gaining weight. I also know what it takes to be successful while exercising. I know how important it is to be dedicated to what you are doing. I like to inspire people, to make them feel the glory of success, to make them feel that they can do whatever they wish to do.







What you will find in this blog from now on?

My ambition is to:

  • Inspire you to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Provide you with important tips regarding exercising, healthy food and other small, but important tips.
  • Listen to what you want, I´am eager to receive tips and queries from you.
  • Provide you with the best traininggears and the best products for a successful weightloss.

Once again, very welcome to us!