The truth about protein

Protein for Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Proteins are the major building blocks of our body. They form a part of nearly every cell function. Each protein in our body is designed to perform specific function. Some proteins takes care of bodily movement, some in structural support while others act as soldiers and protect our body from germs. Just like their varying function, proteins are found in different shapes and sizes.

Here are some protein variants that help in weight loss:

1. Whey Concentrate:
This protein has numerous properties that control weight and aid weight loss. It contains cysteine which produces glutathione that combat oxidative inflammation and stress. Inflammation and oxidative stress damage sugar metabolism and promote weight gain.
2. Egg whites
There are several characteristics in egg whites that promote weight loss. Our body consumes lot energy to digest egg whites as they are extremely difficult to digest which helps in burning more calories.
3. 1 Whole Egg
Many of us believe that eggs are rich in fat, which is partially true. But when consumed in isolation, one whole egg at a time, they are best for weight loss. When eaten in isolation it produces hormone glucagon that increases blood sugar and lead to fat burning.
4. Turkey
The best protein for weight loss comes from turkey. It is recommended to eat at dinner as it aids in sleeping. People who have weight gain or loss problems suffer from sleep disorder. By helping you to get sound sleep it results in weight loss.
5. Fish
Fish protein is excellent for weight loss as it is very lean and balanced ratio of good fat. Fish should form part of menu for any weight loss or weight control program.

Here is a list of proteins that help you to gain weight:
1. Chicken Breast
Chicken breasts contain high calorie protein. According to research 140g of chopped or diced chicken breast contains 258 calories of which around 110 calories comes from protein in it.
2. Milk and Milk Products
Milk and milk products are rich source of proteins and fats. It is must for people who are looking forward to gain weight from their diet. One cup of milk contains around 8-9g of protein. Apart from that it is also rich in dietary fiber. Some people find it difficult to digest milk. They can consume milk in other forms and have the same benefit.
3. Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese comes in large curd and small curd. It is either consumed by itself, in salads, on toast, in different recipes, in fruits or various deserts. It is very good source of protein with one serving providing 14 g of high calorie protein which help in weight gain.
4. Canned Tuna
Favorite among bodybuilders, canned tuna is available in various forms with both white and light tuna, packed in either water or oil. Light tuna canned in oil contains around 49.8 g of protein, the highest among any other form. Although, tuna packed in any form is rich in high calories protein which assist in weight gain.

Protein and related supplements help in building muscle mass provided it is complimented with regular exercise. No protein is good or bad. It all depends how we manage our protein diet. If we eat too much of protein it may lead to health risks.
It is believed that average sedentary American consumes 50% more than the recommended daily quantity. People who exercise daily or have active life style involving heavy physical work, it is not much problem for them. Protein is rapidly broken down into digestible molecules.
Professional bodybuilders and athletes do not require extra protein than normal living person. Research has shown that varying protein intake has no effect on indexes of lean body mass. Need for protein do increase when you exercise but the intake should not be taken too far. The key is right balance between protein intake and exercise.