Rapid Weight Loss Diet by Me

So? Are you ready to get started now? This diet is designed by me and has been tested on eight different people who succeeded and lost all the weight they needed to lose. Therefore, if this would have been a scientifical test, I can claim that you are 100% guaranteed to succeed.

The diet changes for every different weight span you are within and therefore it can be used by anyone. Within every span you will also see an average loss per week by following the diet. The diet is designed for people weighing under 200 kilograms, or about 450 pounds.

200 kg – 120 kg (450 – 260 pounds)

At this weight, it is very hard to move and that is why you shouldn’t move. Let the body do all the work, you just cut down on your foods. You have two choices here:

1. Powder meals (VLCD) or 2. Normal food but a maximum of 1,000 calories

If you decide to opt in for option two, make sure you get multivitamin tabs to get all the nutrients you need. Cut all the carbohydrates except for breakfast where you should have oatmeal porridge.

Average weight loss during this stage: 2,5 kg – 4,5 kg (5,5 lbs – 10 lbs)

120 kg – 95 kg (260 pounds – 200 pounds)

Your body can now handle easy walking, walk easily, not too fast, just at a normal pace for atleast thirty minutes a day. This will not only boost your confidence but also your metabolism. As for diet, you now have three options. Besides from the two options above, you can now increase your calorie intake if you wish to a maximum of 1,500 calories making a deficit of almost 1,500 calories if you walk for thirty minutes a day.

If you choose to eat 1,500 calories a day, a multivitamin tab is not needed anymore.

Average weight loss during this stage: 1,5 kg – 2,5 kg (3 lbs – 5,5 lbs)

95 kg – 75 kg (200 pounds – 165 pounds)

If you are a man, this will probably be your last pitstop. Seventy five kilograms or 165 pounds is what is considered average for a male and you should therefor stop here unless you aren’t happy with your body yet or if you are very short.

At this stage, the VLCD (powder diet) should not be used. You are going to use either one of the two options above (except for the VLCD one, that is).

Walk at a moderate pace for atleast one hour a day, and every five minutes of walking, do some jogging for about one minute. This will increase your metabolism and cardiovascular health. As you are starting to get used to it, increase the jogging time with fifteen seconds for every time and decrease the time of walking by 15 seconds. You should do one increment of jogging every day. Sometimes, if you want to, you could do two.

Average weight loss during this stage: 1 kg – 2 kg (2 lbs – 4 lbs)

75 kg – 40 kg (165 pounds – 90 pounds)

40 kg (or 90 pounds) is not a healthy weight, but there might be some women out there who are very short and that is why I included that weight in this span. This is the absolute last span you’ll ever hit, most men have probably stopped in the span before, but there might be someone who still want to lose some more. At this span, you are supposed to lose a maximum of two pounds per week or one kilogram.

Eat a maximum of 1,500 calories per day. At this stage, if you did the previous excercises, you can probably hold up with 30 minutes of jogging without breaking a leg or two.

Try walking at a brisk pace for 10 minutes and do jogging for 20 minutes, walking for 10 minutes, jogging for 20 minutes. Then start running for aslong as you can. As every day goes by, increase the running for a couple of seconds. Increments of 10 seconds per day is good. Make sure you stay at the same speed at all times. When you finally reach 5 minutes of running, you can start increasing speed or start running upwards hills and such.

Average weight loss during this stage: 0,5 kg – 1 kg (1 lb – 2 lbs)


Tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts

- Cut all your carbohydrates except for breakfast if you are choosing to eat oatmeal porridge, don’t eat bread, rice, potatoes and other sources of carbohydrates. Even try cutting down on fruits as they contain carbohydrates. Just make sure you eat below 100 grams of carbohydrates per day and you’ll be just fine. An apple won’t do any harm.

- Replace your carbohydrates with sallad, tomatoes, cucumber and other vegetables.

- Eat slowly. Take atleast 15 minutes to finish a meal. It takes about 10 minutes for the stomach to send a signal to the brain that you are not hungry anymore. Or you could finish all up quickly, but don’t take any more food even though you feel hungry. In ten minutes or so you will feel full.

- Don’t go out to hard on excercising, if it is your first time excercising, don’t do a lot. Start slowly and for short periods. You will eventually build up your muscle to be able to withstand longer periods.

- Keep yourself to either three bigger meals or five smaller meals. Don’t eat anything in between. A study has shown that 15% of all overweight people (including obese people) don’t have any problems with the food they eat for their three big meals, the problem lies in what they eat in between the big three. I myself could find myself eating some candy just before going to bed.

- Drink a lot of water. Water is important. Especially in the beginning of your weight loss period, it is good to drink a lot of water to flush out all the toxins in your body. Combine it with some green tea just before going to bed and your belly will thank you.

- Don’t stop just because you don’t see any results. It is normal to not see any results immediately, but when you do, you will feel like jumping from a plane.

- Weigh yourself everyday to see small results as the days goes by or weigh yourself once a week to get one big result. I chose to weigh myself everyday, that gave me the boost I needed every morning. If I hadn’t lost weight one morning, I told myself to eat a little bit less and do a couple more minutes of walking or if I had lost weight I would just continue doing what I was doing.

And that’s it! Good luck!



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  1. Julienne

    This is impressive! I really like the trick parts, this will absolutely help me on my weight loss program. Thanks! I will add it on my Roca Labs formula, my healthy veggie or fruit smoothie in the morning and exercise. You did gave me a tip or two. Thanks!

    1. Kevin Axellius

      No problem Julienne, good luck with your weight loss!

  2. Ricci

    Very informative, thank you. I shall use this to help me lose weight and stay healthy too.. I wanted to lose more weight and was advised to eat healthy and do exercise. Thanks again!

    1. Kevin Axellius

      No problem. Good luck to you Ricci!

  3. Kevin Axellius

    I wouldn’t go for products who claim miracles are going to happen. They won’t. 210lbs isn’t that much, you can lose the excess weight easily. Just lower your calorie intake, and if you have time for it, get some excercise.