Fantastic Four to Get in Shape Before Summer Arrives

The bathing suit season is just round the corner. It is time now to give your taste buds some rest and get out of your couch and prepare your body to get in bare minimum. Summer brings with it lots of excitement breezy, hot weather, holidays and colorful clothes. But it can be a time of embarrassment for some people. Don’t be one among them and get in shape before summer arrives.

Although your dress may not know how out of shape you are but people around you at your favorite beach will surely notice your hanging waistline or loose thighs. Here are some simple yet effective tips to trim you up.

  • Planning

Start with a pen and paper. Write down a plan that you can follow every day. Make sure to keep the plan simple and the one that you can follow. There is nothing more frustrating or de-motivating than your inability to follow your plan. Keep check points or markups at regular interval, like losing 5 pounds in a week or running 1 mile daily.

When you accomplish your check point it will give you a sense of achievement and it will motivate you for next week. Again, keep your target simple, the ones that are realistic and can be achieved. Take help from a fitness trainer to get you started. A trainer can frame a diet and exercise plan for you without compromising on your daily efficiency.

  • Check Your Eating Habits

It is the most difficult part. We just cannot have control on our taste buds. But a bite of burger can give you unwanted calories which you are not able to burn. Have lots of fruits in your daily diet such as watermelon, apple, melon, plums or pineapple. Whatever you eat, eat in moderation. Even if you consume too much of fruits bear in mind you are taking in excess sugar.

  • Contest with your Friends

Friends are forever and it is best to involve them in your endeavor to get in shape before summer arrives. If possible, bet in for money as it can be a big motivational factor to keep you going. Discuss and frame some rules right from the start. It will motivate you to achieve your goals. Just a thought that you will have to pay your friends if you put on an extra pound will keep you on time and in limits. Your goals, however, should be realistic. If you try to hard or lose too much weight all of a sudden it can be harmful to you or for your friends.

  • Training

It is not just about losing weight. One should compensate for lost fat by building some muscles. This is how you will look gorgeous for your swimsuit. Co-ordinate with your personal trainer and chalk out a weekly plan. Tell your trainer which part of your body you need to work on most. Get in shape before summer arrives. Sure you want to be a head turner.