The GI Method: Part Four

We are soon reaching the conclusion of The GI Method series. Just a couple of more articles and you’re ready to go with your diet.

What too consider when using the GI method? Well, here are a couple of things as with any diet.

GI tells you about how a specific type of food is broken down by the body and we have also learned that a low GI is what you are looking for in your food. But just because some food has low GI doesn’t mean you can eat five portions of it. Take pasta for example, it has a pretty low GI but it is still bad for you. Carbohydrates should be avoided as much as possible, but sometimes you can’t avoid it and that is when to use the GI method. But just because of it you can’t eat a pound or two of it. No, stay loyal to the plate model (I have another article written on it) and only keep one fourth of the plate filled with carbohydrates, preferrably with low GI. Or else you will just gain weight and not lose it.

Also, in the previous part I recommended eating fat with your low GI food because that will make the GI even lower, but don’t forget that fat has a lot of calories in it. It is energy rich. So don’t abuse that either.

Don’t miss out part five of the series! Coming soon.