The GI Method: Part Two

You probably didn’t get all the information needed in the previous post. That is why there is a part two, and eventually a part three. Let’s look into some more information about this mysterious diet.








How do you use the GI method? If you eat quick carbohydrates, that is carbohydrates with a high GI, the amount of glucose in your blood will increase rapidly. What happens next is that a lot of insulin is released by your body which in turn decreases the amount of glucose in your blood very fast. This in turn leads to hunger feeling. And the excess glucose in the cells will also be sent to the fat storages to be transformed into fat tissue. Which means, you get fat.

However, if you on the other side eat slow carbohydrates, which is carbohydrates with a low GI, the amount of glucose in your blood will increase slowly. The result is a more even release of insulin. You will feel fuller longer and feel a lesser need to snack.

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