The GI Method: Part Five

This is part five of The GI Method series. In this part we will introduce a table for you.

Below you can see a table with the most common GI food eaten. You should keep yourself to the low and medium columns and only sometimes eat what is on the high column. Also, if you eat what is on the medium or high column, make sure to either eat it with some sort of fat and/or vinegar.


A high GI value is 70 or more
A medium GI value is 56-69
A low GI value is less than 55






* = These foods have a high fat content and should be eaten only occasionally



AllBran, Fruit ‘n oats, Toasted muesli*, Frosties, rolled oats, porridge, Guardian, oat bran, Komplete oven baked muesli, oat/rice bran, Special K, Special K, untoasted muesli, Bran Buds, Just Right, Mini Wheats, Vitabrits, Nutrigrain, Sustain, Weetbix, Honey Smacks, untoasted muesli, shredded wheat,
, .
Cornflakes, Sultana Bran, Branflakes, Cocopops, Puffed Wheat, Rice Bubbles, Rice Chex, Wheat bites, Breakfast bars,
Oat in honey bake, Team, Total, wheat bites, corn bran


Burgen Oat bran bread (31) or multigrain bread or soy-linseed bread (19) or fruit bread, kibbled barley, Holsom’s wholemeal, 9 grain mutigrain, fruit loaf, pumpernickel, sourdough rye, stoneground wholemeal, Ploughman’s loaf, Vogel Honey & Oat. Pita bread, croissant*, crumpet, white bread, hamburger bun, light rye bread, sourdough, rye, wholemeal bread, pizza. White, Bagels, waffles Wonderwhite, Dark Rye bread, French baguette, melba toast, Gluten-free bread.


Jatz*, oatmeal, rich tea biscuits, banana cake, pound cake, apple muffin,
sponge cake.
Ryvita, Saos, Jatz, Breton wheat, stoned wheat thins, digestives,oatmeal, milk arrowroot, shredded wheatmeals, shortbread, flans, angel food cake* muesli bars with fruit, bran muffins, Blueberry muffin,
flaky pastry.
Kavli, water crackers, rice cakes, pretzels, crackerbread, puffed crispbread, morning coffee, vanilla wafer, donuts (cinnamon).


Wheat pasta, noodles, egg fettucine, vermicelli, meat ravioli, macaroni, tortellini, spaghetti, long grain white rice, pearl barley, buckwheat, bulgur, semolina, cracked wheat, popcorn. Buckwheat, brown rice, Doongara, Basmati rice, taco shells, gnocchi, couscous, maize cornmeal, macaroni cheese (packet). Sunbrown quick rice, Calrose shortgrain rice, Instant cooked, tapioca, Corn chips, millet, rice pasta.


Soya beans, kidney beans, lentils, butter beans, chick peas, haricot beans, lentils, baked beans, bengal gram, blackeyed beans
all nuts
Green gram dahl, green pea soup, split pea soup. Broad beans, lima beans, pinto beans.


Green peas, sweet corn, sweet potato, carrots.
potato crisps*
New canned potatoes, new potatoes, beetroot. French fries*, baked potatoes, pumpkin, parsnip, potatoes (Pontiac, Sebago, Desiree, instant).


Cherries, plums, grapefruit, peaches, apples, pears, dried apricots, grapes, kiwi fruit, oranges, jam. Mango, paw paw, sultanas, bananas (just ripe), raisins, rockmelon, pineapple, fresh apricots,
canned fruit in syrup.
watermelon, very ripe “medium fruits”.

Dairy Foods

Whole milk, skim milk, chocolate milk, low fat flavoured yoghurt, artificially sweetened yoghurt, low fat ice-cream*, custard, soy milk Icecream (full fat). Tofu frozen dessert
Vitari frozen fruit


Fructose (fruit sugar).
Lactose (milk sugar), Sucrose, honey. Glucose, Glucodin, jellybeans, lifesavers, maltose.


Apple juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, Sustagen. Cordial, Fanta. Lucozade, Gatorade, Sports Plus.