The Water School

Water is vital for our survival. A human consists of 65% water and we consume an average of three litres (100 fl. oz.) a day. Half of this is consumed through or food, but the rest of it must be drunk.

Water is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Water cleanses our body from toxins and is needed for our body to work optimally. Water is good to maintain a normal concentration ability and endurance aswell as making our muscles work properly and recover after a workout. Water also contributes to keeping a normal energy intake and normal calorie burning and it can also lower your hunger feelings. And water is also good for your beauty, such as making your hair more healthy aswell as moisturizing your skin and making it feel good.

Constipation, tiredness, impaired intellect and concentration are all signs of lack of water. To little water can even trick the body into feeling hungry.

Water doesn’t contain any calories and you burn an average of 30 calories for every litre cold water (33 fl. oz.) you drink because it requires energy to increase the temperature of the water to your body temperature. Beginning every morning with drinking one litre of water (33 fl. oz.) is good to kick start your calorie burning, cleansing your body and resetting the water balance.

To check if you get enough water, observe your pee and see if it is transparent to light yellow. If it is, you are getting enough water. If it dark yellow or yellow it is a sign of to little water. And, if you on the otherhand have red pee, you must seek a doctor for immediate treatment.