Long term Weight loss

Long term Weight loss


Who in the world doesn’t want curves and a flattering shape worth dying for? Today, people are waking up to the importance of healthy diet. Healthy and fit is the new slim mantra. Obesity on the other hand is a disorder but there are healthier ways to fight against obesity and get a leaner look. If you are planning to get into perfect shape by losing weight slowly, read on. Weight loss is a natural mechanism of the body, which is attainable by maintaining a healthy lifestyle over a long period of time.


Determination is the key here. Continued adherence to healthy regime triggered by intake of healthy diet, cutting back on high carbohydrate diets, regular exercise can make you lose one kg weight in a week and also helps you to maintain your newly attained body weight.


Incorporate some healthy life choices in your daily routine to get the maximum results.


Healthy diet: Eating right is the first step towards losing weight and maintain it for a long term. Include lots of green veggies and fruits in your diet and see for yourself the stupendous results in a week. Also cut on the heavy intake of caffeine and processed foods.


Drink lots of water: Consuming 8-10 glasses of water has shown to deliver marvelous results in a week. This will help improve metabolism, flush out toxins out of your body plus drinking large quantities of water can make you avoid consuming extra calories.


Sleep like a child: Train yourself to sleep early so that you can wake up in the morning as fresh as a flower. Reduced sleep often leads to more hunger and eventually obesity. An 8-9 hours sleep will work as a catalyst in shedding those extra pounds gradually.


Exercise regularly: No dieting program can be successful without sweating it out in the gym or practicing yoga. Exercise improves the body’s metabolism, which will make you keep a tab on your weight. Adopt healthy lifestyle. For example take the stairs instead of elevator to burn those calories.


Positive attitude: Nothing works like a positive attitude and a go getter spirit. There are times when you would want to quit the regimen of losing weight in the middle. It takes a strong willed person to finish the job at hand. Let go of any stress and keep up your spirit towards achieving your goal.


Keep weight in check: It’s important to track your size regularly. Although the scales can sometimes act like a bitter truth speaking companion but it’s a reality check. Monitor your weight so that you know you are headed off on the right track.


There are many misconceptions doing the rounds in the markets that one needs to starve oneself of food, gulp down only liquid diet and exercise like a maniac to lose weight. But this myth is quite the contrary of the true picture. Watch out for the too good to be true advertisements which entrap you into crash courses of dieting and make you unhealthier by the day.