The Only Rule for Weight Loss

There is only one rule when it comes to weight loss. If you don’t follow that rule, you will not lose weight. If you do, you will lose weight. There are no in betweens and such, just follow the rule and it works.

What is the rule then? It’s simple. You must get rid of more calories than what you eat. Simple as that. And I believe a lot of people already knew about that single rule, but rehearsal is always good for the human brain.

Now, this must be repeated (the calorie deficit) every day for several weeks or months to make any significance depending on how many calories you burn every day. Now, how do you get on a calorie deficit? These are my two tips:

1. Move
It’s really simple. Just move. Every hour or so of sitting, just stand up and walk in the same spot for a couple of minutes with high knees. During the TV commercials, do some squats, situps and pushups. Before taking a shower, run on the same spot for a couple of minutes. Those minutes will make half an hour during the day or maybe even one hour. That could be about 600 extra calories, which either allows you to eat more or lose weight faster.

2. Eat less
Yes, just eat less. What do you eat for breakfast? I once saw a TV programme where I saw this american family eating fried donuts for breakfast. Yes! That’s true. If they would have skipped those donuts for two eggs, some tomato slices, a glass of orange juice and some oatmeal porridge they would lose about two pounds a week doing nothing. So take a look into your eating habits and count your calories. Just changing your breakfast can be the thing.


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