My Weight Transformation

My Weight Transformation is the story of my life. I tried losing weight for several years and whenever I failed, I had an excuse. Why should you read about my weight transformation? Well, simply because you can learn from my mistakes and you’ll also get to know one of the authors behind this website. You could also have it as a guide.

So, where do I begin? It all began when I was 10 years old. I had lived all my life in one place, a little place called “Vårby Gård” in Sweden and I had all my friends and family there. One day, my father and my mother agreed to move from the place, there was to much “chaos” in that place as my father himself said. When I arrived to the new place nothing at all was familiar. The houses were all new, the people that attended the schools were sons and daughters of great and rich parents and I, the different person, was the son of a middle class family. Nobody talked to me, except for the teachers, and I felt that it was neccessary to isolate myself from the world. I sat in my room reading when all the other children were playing and swimming and such. And that was when I started to eat more and excercise less. My weight reached 100 pounds, or 50 kilograms, at the age of 10! My BMI was super high and the school nurse sent me to a doctor. The doctor made a plan for me, but it didn’t work. I was checked for several diseases, hoping for one to use as an excuse and make people feel sorry for me, I was let down when it turned out I didn’t have one.

It kept going and going and going until the age of 18, I was by then weighing 200 kilograms, or 400 pounds. I had no friends as the isolation as a younger kid led me to social phobia and I was afraid to attend to places with a lot of people. My life was in ruins. I had nothing that a person should have. I was a creep, a monster. After sitting in my room, beating myself in the face (which must have been an odd sight if other people would have watched it) and telling myself that it must have an end, I decided to lose weight. The first thing after making that decision I put on my shoes and went outside the door and I started walking and walking and walking.. I walked for 15 hours. 15 hours! The morning after I had already lost two kilograms. Unfortunately, that was only a “one time thing” that I would be able to walk for 15 hours straight, but I decided to cut all my foods. I only ate breakfast and dinner, I was counting my calories and made sure it stayed under 1,000 everyday and I was walking like a crazy man. The walking did little for me, the cutting down on food did much. After 10 weeks I had lost 45 kilograms, or about 100 pounds. I kept on and it took almost a whole year of strict dieting to get to my current weight, 80 kilograms or about 170 pounds.

What have I learned that I can pass on to other people? To be determined. If you aren’t you are doomed to fail. I’m sorry, but if you haven’t made that decision, to lose weight, you’ll not succeed. Don’t even try. Sit down, think about it, why do you want to lose weight? What could it help you with? (To lose weight that is) And make a decision. Do I really want to lose weight? Am I ready to go through hell just to get smaller? Am I? And I do hope you answered yes to that question.

Also, don’t trust doctors. They all have different opinions and they don’t have any experience, they just read things from a book and tell it to the people and take money for it. Instead, take it from experienced people who also don’t take money for it. Genuine people.

The most important thing when it comes to weight loss is determination.

My mistakes? The little treats as I called them. Whenever I took a walk or did something good for my body, I thought I deserved a treat. It could be everything from a piece of cake to a cookie. So there I was, I had walked for one hour, burned maybe 400 calories, and then, I decided I needed a piece of cake. A piece of cake has about 700 calories. Man, what the heck? Don’t. Don’t do what I did. It just slowed down the weight loss. If you really think you need something, then take an apple or something. Or better, just a glass of water. Apples contain carbohydrates and calories aswell. Carbohydrades are a villain. Remember that. Never eat or try to avoid carbohydrates, or try to atleast keep the amount of carbohydrates you eat per day below 40 grams. If you eat below 40 grams of carbohydrates your body enters a phase called ketosis. More about that in another post.

If you are on a extreme weight loss diet, you’ll lose muscles. No matter how hard you try, you will lose muscles along with fat, water and other human things. That is the reason a lot of people recommend you to go on a slow weight loss diet, losing only about one pound per week or half a kilogram, but nobody wants that! We want to see immediate results! We want a inch smaller waist after a week, not 0.2 inches! So don’t listen to the people who call themselves diet experts claiming it’s bad to lose a lot of weight quickly. We want to keep our motivation, right? So go on, don’t listen to them!

Take myself for example, my doctor recommended me to lose one pound per week. I was at 400 pounds, and I was aiming for a 170 pounds. That means it would take me four years! Who the f*** (sorry, but I had to) has that long patience and motivation enough to last for 230 weeks?! NOBODY! They claim something else, but what they really want is to lose weight as quick as I did. Oh yeah.



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  1. Nicole

    7lbs in 2 weeks? to good to be true where can you find information on this product.

    1. Kevin Axellius

      It is to good to be true. That is a spam comment I forgot to remove from the blog. There are no pills or such that will make you lose weight without doing anything. At most it gives a placebo effect.

  2. allen

    hardwork and determination! That is the key to success!

  3. Roberto

    I also have struggles with my journey. I was in the hospital for a week because I was dehydrated. I had wrong practice and improper balance with food. I was starving myself and my doctor said it is not good. I also tried other several weight loss program but I can help of still eating much. A friend of mine told me about this Roca Labs formula. Sounds good and was curious because it says it helps control portions. Not sure about it yet but I’m definitely interested.